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Eat my Shuriken and Die!

Crazy, dynamic and fun! Fight your friends and enemies in this old-school platform brawler game! Jump and dodge their weapons, find one yourself, throw it at them, watch it bounce, find a power-up and win! Two players required, three or four for maximum mayhem!

Link to the game on Xbox Live

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This game is a crazy but simple 2-4 player 2D platform brawler with throwable bouncing weapons available on Xbox Live Indie Games.

By virtue of its XNA nature it will also be freely available on Windows. There are currently no plans for networked gameplay - the game's designed for local competitive play.

Playing the game on Xbox 360

The game was released to Xbox Live Indie Games on October 26 2012 and can be played on your Xbox 360 with a free Live account!

All Xbox Live Indie Games comes with a free trial to try the game before buying. The limitation is that there's only a single level available. The price is 80 MSP which is the cheapest the service will allow.

Beta Title Screen

Testing the PC beta

A beta version is currently available for Windows. It requires Xbox gamepads and/or two players using keyboard controls. We will develop custom USB gamepad support for PC before promoting it. The PC version will be free.

We welcome any feedback and bug reports and we'll do our best to answer any questions sent to Note that the PC version require you to install this:

Beta Cosmos Cave


  • FlowersFX
    • Oskar - code, game design and art
    • Adde - art and character design
    • Tim - code and sdk power user
    • Becca - matte painter
    • Jens, Jonne, Johannes - support
  • Daniel Johansson (Coma) - level music
  • fegolhuzz (flz / databrothers) - title theme music
  • FlatRedBall
    • 2.5D XNA game engine
  • PacDV free sound effects - most character voices and menu beeps
  • The freesound project - additional weapon sound effects
    • sword01-04, clashing sounds by Erdie CC BY 3.0
    • sword1-7, unsheathe sounds by Streety CCS+ 1.0

Beta Loading Screen

There are currently nine different levels in the game, each with it's own graphical style. Here is one of the more lush ones: Eden of Death:

Beta Title Screen

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Published 2011-01-05, updated 2012-10-27