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What to do next?

Here're the pressing points right now, re-ordered in order of falling priority:

Latest changes box

List the last ten or so changes in a box to the left. Basically the last timestamps in distinct content rows - ie updated articles or added posts/comments and so fourth. Problem is how to format this nicely as titles are usually wider than the navigation boxes?

Commenting system

I don't believe we should roll our own here, we should get the simplest and for visitors the most intuitive existing system and use it, like the newer releases of Disqus or something similar.

This also helps push the priority of our authentication model revisit issue down a lot as only content editors need to bother with the authentication model - visitors and commenters will use the commenting system's authentication which usually is any social network and large id provider.

Editor pages and Gravatars

Use Gravatars for avatars, especially for editors. Implement editor pages with personal information about editors so we can for instance link Tim to his editor page (profile).

Publishing options

  • Show on front page option (I don't want to publish my wish list to the front page)
  • Only show to author option (useful when still working on an article)

Better movie player

SW Player in all its glory, we should either customize it or add our own player more akin to the one used at the Breakpoint site where you get a rich context menu with simple options like saving the video file to disk!

Also it really needs to support HTML5 as well as Flash these days, but I think there's a beta on the way doing just that.

Automatic grouping of related articles

Some kind of logic, manual or automatic, to group many collections together - like a multi-part article. The related articles should be listed somewhere easily spotted so first-time visitors to "Trip to Tokyo - Day 2" can easily flip back to the first article in the series instead.

RSS feeds

Should be rather easy to implement for each level (site, template and instance).

Further improved "New content" page

Parts of this are already completed but there's a few pieces missing like:

  • Instances cannot be created on-the-fly with the Create content editor right now even though the back-end supports it
  • Prevent entering anything whose generated url collides with existing content urls

Media file uploader and inserter

Uploading images, videos and files should be as easy and seamless as possible - but to begin with just make it possible to upload files to a media folder for manual url insertion in the editor. Maybe divide this folder into types like images, videos, files and so on or between different templates, instances or even collections?

Gallery template

For images and possibly videos a better listing format is needing, displaying thumbnails and not a list of titles. Clicking a thumbnail should display its content as normal and clicking the image in the content should blow it up HighslideJS style.

Enhance image rendering

Have images that are too wide to fit the content area be rendered smaller. Allow clicking on images to blow them up right over the page like Highslide JS without any stupid dimming or other disturbing changes to the background elements.

Authentication model revisit

Currently using site local membership database - we should go with openid instead (or possibly facebook connect as an alternative).

The challenge here is making openid intuitive and quick for non-technical visitors wanting to submit a simple comment. Perhaps by calling it "your google account" and tying it by default to google openid - leaving alternative openid providers open as an advanced option for people who know what openid is.

Group and user permission per instance and collection

This should be possible to set per instance and per collection. Say my blog called Oskar is an entire instance where only user Oskar should have write permissions to. Other users should have create permissions for new content in an existing collection in it though (for commenting).

Everyone should get write to their own created content even if they don't have write in the specific instance or collection (like editing your own comment).

Revision viewer

Right now we're saving all changes as new revisions but there's no way to actually view and revert to older revisions.

Categories/tags and enhanced navigation

I think we quickly are going to find the dynamically generated menu based on templates and instances insufficient for site navigation. Something more flexible will be needed including direct links to specific collections right in the menu (like a web site about link)

by Oskar Duveborn - 23 revisions
Published 10/29/2009, updated 1/6/2011