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Learning to fly

So last weekend i bought myself a micro helicopter. A Blade mCPx. It's damned hard to learn on one of those;) After just 5-6 battery changes i managed to fly the helicopter in the air for about 10 seconds before crashing. I picked up the helicopter and luckily nothing broken. Later with consecutive crashes into walls, tables bookshelves and whatnot in my living room. The strain of to much inexperience showed on the helicopter. The Helicopter tail boom got cracked at the base and I was unable to fly again:(

I didn't think i would break any parts so soon so i hadn't bought spares so that's when i turned to the community. To see if there was any good ways to repair the tail booms of my helicopter. Apparently this is a very common issue with the Blade mCPx. One tip was actually pretty good. Just take some glue and some bits and pieces of toilet paper and wrap the tail boom over the cracked part. When the glue hardens the toilet paper, it becomes a quite good cast that holds the tail boom straight. Here's the link for any one interested: Fix broken tail boom mCPx

I'm planning to get a helicopter that's a bit easier to learn all this stuff with, and then go back to the mCPx at a later time. It's a really cool little toy. Luckily I bought the DX6i controller so I'll get off a bit cheaper for the next heli as i dont have to buy the version that includes another whacky controller!

by Tim Schönberger - 2 revisions
Published 10/26/2011, updated 10/28/2011