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Three days without broadband in 2011

This is the third day I'm without a working internet connection at home - it's starting to get to me. In the meantime, I've improvised a simple mobile broadband substitute for my home lab for a few services (like this web site). It's actually quite interesting seeing as it's just a laptop on my dining table doing some basic NAT between 3G and .11n WiFi. There's not even an ethernet cable involved.

As I didn't feel like installing a more suitable operating system on a random laptop I just went with the old Windows 7 ICS - and I discovered quite an annoying limitation that wasn't there in previous versions: There is no way to change the subnet mask from 24 bits. You can change the network address, thankfully, though it still requires poking around in the registry - but the subnet mask is now fixed. This seems like a very random limitation.

Another issue that crept up is that there's no guarantee that a 3G plan actually accepts any incoming connections!

  • My current Bredbandsbolaget (Telenor) 3G Mobile Broadband 6M, 199SEK/month
    • APN:
    • Public IP address but all inbound ports blocked
  • Telenor (real Telenor) cash card bought on the street, 99SEK/week
    • APN: (yes, the same APN)
    • Public IP address and all inbound ports open (customer service said no)

It makes you ponder for a little while before simply accepting that, never take no for an answer and always research facts by actual testing and not trusting customer service reps. Obviously, this is no guarantee and it might change on the next connection attempt.

However, about the real broadband outage, sadly it seems like it will last at least a few more days. The information is scarce and I'm seriously tired of the downgraded customer services Bredbandsbolaget seems to have these days - it's not what I remember, there's no actual feedback from the technicians and customer services seems to be left in the dark with vague or non-existing status updates at the most once every 24 hours.

The most bizarre thing so far is that last night between midnight and 1 AM - my mobile phone rang a single signal and then stopped. I woke up but had no chance to answer. This was repeated four (4) times during that hour. This morning I checked the number and it's an operator number for Bredbandsbolaget in Karlskoga. Wicked.

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Published 6/15/2011, updated 6/15/2011