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Fixing Nokia Lumia 800 7.8 low volume problem

So after updating my Nokia 800 with the 7.8 update approved by Nokia the volume levels dropped to half or less!

This is no joke, I couldn't listen to podcasts while walking around the city because at max level 30 the volume was lower than on level 15 before the update!

The support forum at Nokia is filled with page upon page with this problem and some EU legislation excuse that cannot be taken seriously if you read up on what it actually legislate.

Also, this has nothing to do with the audio level warning. When turning the volume to 30 - the output level is simply half of what it used to be, rendering most songs that's not heavily compressed and normalized useless and most quiet podcasts inaudible.

Fixing it is easy

  1. Connect your Lumia 800 to your PC and start Zune
  2. Go to Settings and then Updates, let it check for updates
  3. At the bottom there should be a Revert previous update button - use it
  4. Wait through the rollback process, it takes a while
  5. Now you're back to where you started before the dreaded update.
  6. Download the seven-eighter tool which will upgrade the phone's operating system to 7.8 with the latest patches again - this time without Nokias changes!
  7. Run the tool, it takes quite some time, let the phone finish and then you're left with a 7.8 Nokia Lumia with good audio levels again!

I can't believe how much this volume issue changed my daily life - walking the streets and riding the noisy metro with songs I could barely hear wasn't fun at all.

Damn you Nokia for ruining a perfectly good phone and forcing us to spend half a day fixing it - and with no thanks to you on top of that!

by Oskar Duveborn - 3 revisions
Published 2013-05-27, updated 2013-05-27