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FlowersFX web site re-launched using Wiredoll

A long time ago we used to run this site on Community Server before it went too enterprisy. It wasn't very active and we mostly published still renders for projects in progress for internal screening.

After re-structuring the server into a mass of virtual servers on the new Windows 2008 platform - the now very old version of Community Server wasn't migrated and this site became a static placeholder for many years until today.

Today I felt daring enough to try running this site on my very early pre-release CMS called Wiredoll. Why yet another CMS you may ask? Well, I agree, it doesn't make much sense.

I've started to deliver client sites using Joomla and Drupal these days and before that I was extremely fond of TikiWiki. But I still think they all in some ways suck harder than an entire army of Roombas. None of them are intuitive to my end-users (non-technical editors) and many of them are slow. A quarter of a second in page load time is not acceptable - no matter how cool a feature-set there supposedly is. Also, most of them require a ton of customization to get rid of all superfluous clutter - especially in the administrative areas.

So, this project aims at correcting these two flaws by being:

  1. Intuitive to use
  2. Fast

And to make matters even worse, I admit to being mostly a Microsoft nerd these days even though my previous life composed of being an Amiga fan-boy running Redhat networks with Samba acting as old-school NT4 domain controllers.

Luckily for me the recent success of Jeff Atwood and friend's StackOverflow using the modern-day Microsoft web platform makes my project goals look more realistic to the outside world. All of a sudden. Isn't life a bitch.

This CMS was started many years ago and was put to rest for various personal reasons. When I stumbled upon StackOverflow in the beginning of its lifetime - I realised many of the little details were stuff I had already done before but put to rest. Here were people proving various concepts I wanted being actually successful:

  • Real-time client-side content preview
    • Using a markup syntax and not a WYSIWYG editor
  • Using IIS, MSSQL and ASP.NET MVC
    • And be blazingly fast

Adding to the mix, a few details of my own:

  • One single content container format
    • No matter if it's a blog post, long article, image gallery or a forum post - the data is the same
    • An entire forum can be displayed as articles with reader comments if wanted
  • Image, movies and other media as part of the basic content
    • Media retreival using in-line lookup while typing
    • Viewing should be unintrusive and fast like with basic HighslideJS
  • Wiki-style editing, no separate administrator area or backend
    • Wiki-style revision history, nothing is ever lost

So, will this work, will I get it done? I have no idea. But here's the absolute first draft ever being put officially online. It's insanely lacking but hey, it's better than nothing and - well, it might even run for a few minutes!

Cheers! And a happy new year!

by Oskar Duveborn - 5 revisions
Published 1/5/2010, updated 1/5/2010