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Breakpoint 2010 almost confirmed!

Breakpoint crew recently posted a notice saying the world's most awesome demo scene event will most likely become a reality again this year!

As usual it's scheduled for Easter starting April 2nd ending April 5th and we should anticipate the new web site to launch later this month. As of writing all of the needed contracts haven't been signed yet so there's still a slight chance for screw-ups, but the crew is certain enough to recommend would-be-visitors to book their flights now.

FlowersFX minus Jonne

Me and Tim are pondering over our trip to (the hopefully sunny) Bingen am Rhein for this event and we urge everyone interested in the trip to contact us so we can size and seize a decent vehicle and book some rooms at our favorite hotel.

Picture from our silly 2009 fast compo entry Wolverintro, not finished in time for the compo deadline

Perhaps we'll get to finish a silly fast compo entry in time this year? Last years Wolverintro had some eight hours or so of extra unwanted production time so sadly it didn't make it.

Another Wolverintro action shot

We were writing the render and animation engine from scratch too though (or as much scratch as you can get with Managed DirectX 1.1 ;) and we used no tools but the crudely done engine editor to actually create the animations. We need to directly handle Lightwave scene and object formats next.

Anyway, here's part of the opening ceremony from 2009 for your inspiration (yeah I cut out some parts and cropped it for widescreen, sorry about that but it was over 20 minutes). Credits go to the Breakpoint organizers. And yes, that big screen is huge, high res and brighter than the sun.

A demo party is not only about bits and bytes running on your favorite hardware, it is also about art. Open up to new forms of creative expression.

As usual we look forward to this year's Breakpoint! Amiga!

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Published 1/11/2010, updated 1/13/2010