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SBrick LEGO control using Xbox360 gamepads

Note: This is just an interesting hack, not meant for consumer use.

Today I got my hands on a couple of SBrick bricks for controlling LEGO Power Functions using the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol.

alt text

As I'm not a fan of touchscreen controls and the only official way to control these things are using smartphones - I spent a night to whip up a desktop app to bridge actual physical gamepads.


  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Windows Runtime (tested on Windows 8.1) (for Bluetooth LE API)
  • Xbox360 Wireless Controller paired and connected
  • Vengit SBrick firmware 4.1 or later paired and connected using Bluetooth 4.0


As it's just a hack the app simply maps the two analogue sticks to the four motor ports on the SBrick. If you have more than one SBrick it will map up to four of them to the four Xbox360 controllers possible - enabling four-person LEGO Robot Wars with superb control.

The SBricks needs to be paired and connected using ControlPanel before the app is started. The gamepads can be connected at any time. No disconnect handling exists yet.

The resulting control I got over my LEGO Power Functions when sent over these two different wireless protocols is astonishingly stable, quick and very low-latency in nature. It's an impressive brick.

  • Firmware 4.0 support (easy)
  • Configurable axis - output mapping
  • Configurable button - output mapping

This has not been tested on any other PC and will probably not start on yours unless you're lucky ;)

> download build and source code (1 MB zip)

Developer note and credit: Xbox360 gamepads are probed using XInput with XInputDotNetPure - a great little library that is just as easy to use as the XNA Gamepad was.

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Published 7/16/2015, updated 9/25/2015
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We're going to Revision 2015!

So there's this badass demoparty every Easter in southern Germany called Revision that you should all participate in!

We're going on our 12th road trip in a mini bus and there're still one or two seats left if you want to join from Stockholm to Saarbrücken on April 2nd to April 7th (Easter weekend).

See you this Easter!

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Published 3/23/2015, updated 3/23/2015
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Welcome to Edison 2014 - the summer demoparty!

It's that time of year again when the real party being outside actually makes all the difference!

On the 27-29th of June 2014 you should join us at Eggeby Gård on Järvafältet in Stockholm, Sweden, for a multiplatform demoparty where you can camp and socialize to your hearts content - while still competing in the most common competitions!

The theme this year is eerily familiar and might strike you as a copy from that Breakpoint party several years ago. On the other hand - the topic is ever so current in this day and age - so remember, total surveillance for your safety!

See you at Eggeby Gård!

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Published 6/15/2014, updated 6/15/2014
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It's time to start doing things again!

by Oskar Duveborn 1/4/2014
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Revision 2013 party report video

by Oskar Duveborn 7/18/2013
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FFX Visual Studio 2012 color theme

by Oskar Duveborn 3/16/2013
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Customize Lock Screen for Windows 8

by Tim Schönberger 11/30/2012