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Welcome to Edison 2014 - the summer demoparty!

It's that time of year again when the real party being outside actually makes all the difference!

On the 27-29th of June 2014 you should join us at Eggeby Gård on Järvafältet in Stockholm, Sweden, for a multiplatform demoparty where you can camp and socialize to your hearts content - while still competing in the most common competitions!

The theme this year is eerily familiar and might strike you as a copy from that Breakpoint party several years ago. On the other hand - the topic is ever so current in this day and age - so remember, total surveillance for your safety!

See you at Eggeby Gård!

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Published 2014-06-15, updated 2014-06-15
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It's time to start doing things again!

It's time to bootstrap our creativity and not fall prey to passiveness or extended procrastination and consumption. It's time to do something - anything! Take a dancing class, learn to ride a monowheel, paint something or just do anything remotely interesting for someone else!

If you think clicking like on a random call-to-action petition is actually useful, think again - it's not. You have to expose yourself to the risk of failing, to the risk of ridicule and critique to actually create something.

So here's a short teaser from last years biggest demoparty event in Europe - it may not look like much, but you should really consider attending this year if you want to be inspired to start creating things. If you're already creating things, great - compete at the compos then!

See you this Easter!

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Published 2014-01-04, updated 2014-01-04
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Revision 2013 party report video

What and why

Each Easter there is a demoparty in Germany, most likely the most awesome demoparty in the world. It started a long time ago and every now and then the organizers need to retire but a new party is then born to take over the Easterparty name.

The latest and greatest Easterparty is called Revision and the 2013 Easter was its third incarnation, a truly awesome one at that.

Since 10 years back we rent a mini-bus and roadtrip down to southern Germany to attend this demoparty wherever it is. and this year we shot some video and then combined that with the official party videos to create an over 2 hour long party report!

This report includes most of the winning competition entries and some we found interesting in some way.

The report is divided into 4 30-minute segments with a short pause-segment between each - perfect for a public showing with pauses to refill your beverages!

The report was initially made for Måndagsklubben but is now available for public consumption - enjoy!

Credits and greetings

Revision is the greatest demoscene event currently in existence - a huge thank you to everyone involved in organizing it!

Source video from our personal on-site recordings and of course entry captures, stage shots and time lapse shot from the Revision YouTube channel.

Get the complete competition results.

Entries can of course also be found at various demoscene archives and communities like

Also a big thanks to Edison where this report was shown for the first time outside of Måndagsklubben. Edison is one of the few Swedish multi-platform demoparties left and should be properly celebrated and honored!

While editing this recap, SceneSat kept us sane all the way through with demoscene-related music and live-shows!

Weyland / FFX

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Published 2013-07-18, updated 2013-07-18
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Fixing Nokia Lumia 800 7.8 low volume problem

by Oskar Duveborn 2013-05-27
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FFX Visual Studio 2012 color theme

by Oskar Duveborn 2013-03-16
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Customize Lock Screen for Windows 8

by Tim Schönberger 2012-11-30